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Changing Windows Vista by Windows XP in Dell Inspiron 1501

Lately the most part of laptops market came with Windows Vista preinstalled, but there are users (windows users) which prefer Windows XP mainly because compatibility, comfort, because they’re used to it, or by the less resource consuming or any other reason.

It isn’t a hard task, but sometimes the drivers search can be a harder than the search for a treasure. So we’re going to follow some easy steps to get the change to XP without a problem.

It’s likely that this little and simple guide can work for other models from Dell, it depends if in the official site we would find the drivers for XP.

Now we’re getting to the point…

First we pay a visit to Dell Official Page to search for the drivers of our model,

Click in the next link: Drivers and Downloads
In this case we choose Select Model

Next we choose Notebooks

Now clic in Inspiron Notebook

Your browser may not support display of this image.

And finally we select our model, in this case 1501

Confirm the process and we get to the next screen, where we can choose the Operating System, language, category and importance.

In this case, we get the drivers

Incide the Audio category, we download the only driver there

In the Chipset category, we get the three drivers there

In Communication Category, download the modem driver

In the Network category, we download two, Broadcom and the Wireless.

Inside Video category, we get the only one there

And it’s done, with these drivers you can correctly run Windows XP in Dell Inspiron 1501. And, like I said before, this guide can be applied to other models from Dell.

Best Regards 😉

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